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Cat Grooming

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This includes shampoo wash, blow dry, ear cleaning, nail clipping, tooth brushing and anal area shaving.

This includes all basic grooming, additional haircut and styling, full body shave or deshedding

We provide best haircut for your cats

Cute ginger cat sleeps on the bed

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Make an appointment for your pet at Pawfection for excellent grooming services. If you have any inquiries concerning the items we use, our experts will be pleased to assist you.

Experience: Our stylists have a wealth of industry knowledge and are skilled in the various grooming methods for distinct breeds. With us, your pet will only have good things to experience from us.

Premium Products: Whether it’s shampoo or conditioner, our company exclusively uses premium products on your pet. We customize the goods we use based on your pet’s particular needs.

Warm and welcoming service: We only work with stylists who have a genuine love for animals and who will go above and above to make your pet’s visit as pleasant as possible. Your pets can come back to you happy and clean by trusting us. 

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