best pets grooming services in Dubai

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions for the grooming and caring services include:

  • The pets need to be protected against stress, suffering, harm, and illness. I, the owner, give my consent for matted hair to be shaved off, for nails to be cut, and for other grooming procedures to be performed painlessly.
  • The pets should be strong and healthy. (The owner assumes all risks associated with grooming sick or aged pets. Grooming may reveal underlying skin or health issues for which we are not responsible.)
  • The safety of a pet and our staff are our top priorities at Pawfection. If we believe any of your pets behavior poses a risk to them or to our team, we reserve the right to reject service.
  • Make sure your pet has received all of its vaccinations. Unvaccinated pets pose a risk to themselves and to others.
  • I acknowledge that failure to disclose a pet’s medical condition or behavior will release the groomer from liability or responsibility for any mishap that results.
  • While your pets will receive the best care possible, it must be acknowledged and agreed that the owner accepts them at their own risk. Our top priority is your pet’s safety, so in the event of an accident or illness, a veterinarian may be called. Unless it can be demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that we are at fault, the owner is responsible for all costs associated with and incurred in carrying out this instruction. (We advise getting insurance for them.)
  • Payment will be made when the pet is picked up. Estimates are based on averages for each breed or kind of pet, but owners should be aware that certain pets may need a lot of additional treatment that will be invoiced separately. Pets left unattended will incur a sitting fee.
  • As a customer, I agree that my pet’s picture may be photographed and used for marketing purposes as well as on the  website and social media.

For the following circumstances, additional fees can be necessary:

  • Working with challenging pets requires more time and personnel. For pets who require more labor-intensive work or that we perceive to be tough, we have the right to impose an additional cost.
  • It takes more time to do the task when the coat is poorly maintained or the hair is matted. For pets who require more labor-intensive work and that we determine to be matted, we have the right to impose an extra price.